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Specializing in the utilization and maximization of current business opportunities offered through digital services, the worldwide reach of the Internet, as well as within the middle marketplace of the software industry and consumer venue.

Core Services

LLEAPP offers experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of business needs, and can help you to work smarter and reach your goals with the application of smart and integrated software systems in your organization. Have a look at the professional services LLEAPP offers, and let's talk.

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By getting to know our customer’s specific needs and expectations, and by keeping them updated with the latest products, trends and market conditions, we can deliver unique, customized services to each of our customers.


Big Data is a key element of the digital age enterprise, driving business outcomes through innovation and rapid change. Enhance your digital transformation journey and capitalize on variety of data & shift with our innovative approach.


We deliver expert software consulting extending from idea advancement, necessities examination and innovation determination to setting up QA methodology and overseeing security risks


By analyzing your organization’s current operations or systems, we can provide holistic exhortation on how your organization can save money, become more efficient, and exceed customer expectations.

Other Services

Through the portfolio of our Experience and Network, We have the capability to deliver a broad range of quality products and solutions to meet your operational needs. Below is a listing of other services and solutions we can offer. Contact us for more details.

Sourcing & Procurement Outsourcing

At LLEAPP, we can help your company to more effectively source materials and services by outsourcing the procurement process. We are able to relieve the pressure on your in-house purchasing staff to more quickly and efficiently achieve savings. LLEAPP can provide scalable, cutting-edge procurement solutions to eliminate long-term fixed costs and meet the needs of any client.

Trainings & Consultation

LLEAPP with its strategic training partners offers a variety of professional corporate training to the corporate world which also includes customized training to meet the specific needs of an organization. We cater to a variety of industries and businesses. Contact us for more details and options on all of our training platforms.

3D Animation & Graphic Design

Creativity sees no bounds when you have Animated or Graphic content to back you. You can craft almost anything and everything to showcase your ideas in the way you want for educating, entertaining or persuading. From Virtual Reality, 360 Tours, 3D Animations 3D & 2D illustrations for print, We offer a range of 3D affordable graphic design & illustration services to help you develop & visualize your ideas


Let us introduce you to "Beam," a new postal marketplace. "Beam" enables customers to access and customize all postal services, such as Postal Mails, Gifts, Greeting Cards, or Corporate Swags, via the Beam platform, which includes a mobile app, email exchanges, and popular social networking platforms! The approach also aims to close the social gap in our way of life by reintroducing the human touch.


No more manual printing, folding, inserting, sealing, stamping or runner services. Your postal mail is just a click away!

No Change/

No special software or process change required, use your existing email client or common social media platforms to send postal mail and use Beam App to access more features

Cost Saving/

Up to 60% cost saving in your annual postal mailing process


All postal services, such as Postal Mails, Gifts, Greeting Cards, and Corporate Swags, can be accessed and customised.

/Cloud Ready

All your postal mails are archived and stored in cloud


Allow Beam analytics to handle and complement all of your mails with targeted and localised mailing solutions that cater to both your company and personal requirements.

Postal Marketplace,
with just a click

Beam, is a secure multi platform based expert system with an objective of easing the postal process and most importantly reduce the postage cost by 60%. It provides a convenient gateway which makes it easy for anyone to access and automate all services in postal marketplace with a click of a button.


At LLEAPP, we’re building a team of amazing people who want to change and challenge the norm. If you’re curious, ambitious, and ready to grow your career with us, we’d love to meet you! >> reach us at

We currently have openings for the following positions:

Full Stack Mobile Application / Webapp Developer and UX/UI Designer


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